Original. Patented. Proven.

Filtrexx is founded upon a vision of Clean Water, Clean Soils, Healthy Food, and Happy People. Filtrexx founder Rod Tyler, an agronomist, understood fully that the use of organics for environmental applications—to retain storm water, filter and bioremediate, and establish vegetation—would work better than the ineffective, man-made products already accepted by the engineering community. In 2001 he harnessed these properties to invent the compost filter sock. After years of research and performance testing, the data is indisputable–Filtrexx technology is not only the greenest sediment and erosion control technology on the market, but also the best performing.

Performance through Research

Filtrexx research data available for the benefit of all through Filtrexx University. This resource provides engineers, landscape architects & designers, and contractors with the knowledge and tools necessary to properly design and install each application, to ensure that it performs at the highest level. Professionals can engage in advanced training and certification to gain the highest understanding of our performance-based approach. Filtrexx® is driving the paradigm shift toward performance based standards for a sustainable water future.

Filtrexx research data has been used by a number of Federal, State, and local agencies that have specifications asking for Compost Filter Sock. Filtrexx continues to explore and demonstrate the use of compost socks in dozens of new environmental applications.

Sustainable Values

Filtrexx has developed a sustainable value chain around our biobased product. We work with dozens of Filtrexx® Certified™ SiltSoxx™ manufacturers and on-site installers nationwide to produce our products using annually renewable, locally sourced organics that have been tested and proven to meet FilterMedia™ specifications. Compost filter sock closes the loop of organics recycling.

Filtrexx Foundation

The Filtrexx Foundation is a non-profit with 501 c3 status, created to promote educational programs centered on compost use, sustainable agriculture, early childhood development, and student programs. The Filtrexx Foundation has supported projects with the US Composting Council, National Gardening Association, and the Square Foot Gardening Foundation. To learn more about the Filtrexx Foundation or its programs contact us today.

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